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    Hallo alle zusammenDa könnte man direkt neidisch werden…so viele Eindrücke und Erlebnisse gleich am ersten Tag!Viele Köche verderben den Brei….ich glaube dass trifft hier nicht zu! Das sieht ja super “fein” aus!!!Wir wünschen Euch eine coole Zeit und geniesst die Tage am schönen Viit¤aldsrÃwttersee.Leebe Grüsse an alle aus Buchs`Brüggers

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    Omg! I disconnect from the internet world for just a little while… and a baby is born!Of course that's how it works, right?She is the most beautiful little baby I've seen in forever! I'm thrilled that things are going just the way you needed them to, and I love her name, and her nickname! Congratulations, guys :D[]

    • Jonni

      Январь 23, 2017 на 2:57 дп

      Takže — lovci mají právo střílet medvÄ›dy, kteří jsou vÄ›tší, než lední medvÄ›d. Můžou střílet lední medvÄ›dy nebo ne?Ne — protože lední medvÄ›d nemůže být vÄ›tší než lední medvÄ›d, protože je sám sobÄ› mÄÃt­›™Åkem.Ano — může být nadprůmÄ›rnÄ› velký lední medvÄ›d, který ledním medvÄ›dům kazí ideální průmÄ›r.

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    • I agree. If the ‘system’ really had faith in the judges elected by the people, then they would provide true oversight. It would help the judges and lawyers to keep on the straight and narrow line! But the Commission on Judicial Conduct only waits in the shadows, like an animal, just waiting to pounce on the next judge who some spineless party fat-cat has determined should be the next target.

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      Na dann lass es heute noch krachen Stephan, morgen ist der ganze Spass wieder vorbei. Dem einen zur Freud´, dem andern zum Leid .

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    Hi Joanna. I don’t mind the odd “complex” word when it is being used to emphasize a point, or show attitude. I think this depends on the person’s background too. If they grew up around a certain vocabulary it comes naturally; it’s their language. But, I think when it’s overdone, it’s the ego taking over.Davinas last blog post..

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    Ya think General Bank Ki-moon’s got the TIME to look at fake ‘normality’ zio snaps?Man, israelis are so dumb if they are thinking they can EVER whitewash the bloodstained background of their existence!

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    It's always really interesting reading the story behind the books, and of course I have folders with stories that didn't make it. Funnily enough, I was thinking about one of them this morning, when I heard a radio piece on a similar topic to one of them. Thanks, Abi — will look out for your next picture book for the grandbabies!

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    • Here’s a really strange one….whenever I go onto 4G, my time jumps from pacific to east coast, and my location always goes to Columbus, OH. Then, if I look under the world clock settings, it will display my city sometimes correctly, but still have the east coast time. Today is the first time that I’ve noticed that. It never happened on 4.1.1. Anyone else experiencing anything similar?

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